Acting was not a choice for Christian it was his God-given purpose. He describes being on stage as some of the few moments that he can be himself. Christian is quirky, weird, and confident in who he is. There is no challenge that he will cower from. His energy is brings a certain liveliness to the stage that is often commented on. 
Christian started acting when he was young. His mother attended Cincinnati Academy For Performing Arts. She made sure that both her children had a background in some performing art at all times. Whether  that be in band, choir, or theatre.

“There is a moment when the lights hit you and the choreography is spot on that makes you feel that all is right in the world…”

Starting out, Christian never really wanted to be in theatre. He was much more interested in band and track and field. Though, he did make sure to keep theatre as an elective in both middle and high school. During his freshman year of high school he almost quit theatre but he then attended his school’s performance of Anything Goes. That performance and his brother’s insistence that he should continue doing theatre made the difference and convinced him that he should give it another shot.
During his sophomore year of high school his love for the craft  only grew. So much so that by his junior year he quit track and field to do the spring musical: How To Succeed. It was in the last performance of the musical where Christian decided that theatre was what he was meant to do.  By his senior year theatre was his top priority.
He graduated from Hoover High in 2017 and in currently attending The University of Alabama as Musical Theatre Major.

..it’s at these moments that I know that I am doing what I was meant to do.”